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Feb 9, 2014

Local Plant City Cake Decorator Takes the Cake

Sometimes from the greatest of losses we can find what has the most meaning to us in our lives.  Such was the experience of Misty Ester who at the age of twenty two lost her grandmother.  Misty's grandmother was for Misty her guiding light, the one who raised and loved her.  At the time up until her grandmother's death, Misty was working in the corporate world in sales advancing and succeeding in her work and personal life.  When her grandmother passed she said it was as if nothing made sense to her anymore, the drive to succeed was for a while gone.

During that time Misty took as job for Walmart as a Customer Service Manager. On her breaks and downtime she would hang out with the cake descorators and learn some of their techniques and skills.  She quickly began to realize that she had a natural talent when it came to designing and decorating cakes.  As fate would have it Misty would have to step in to help out in the cake decorating department after one of the decorators left with over one hundred orders needing to be filled.  It was after this experience Misty realized how good she was and how happy it made her to decorate cakes.

Since that time from her fledgling cake decorating days at Walmart, Misty has gone on to create a mouthwatering portfolio of thousands of cakes for thousands of clients for their most special moments of their lives.  So many highlights and special experiences have come Misty's way that it is hard to say without sounding cliche which of these moments takes the cake.  Whether it as working as the cake decorator for Plant City's Camellia Rose Tea Room where she helped design and create hundreds of cakes for special occasions and charity events, or perhaps it was the time she helped create a cake at Alessi's Bakery for Pink Floyd (of which she even had the chance to deliver.) Most recently Misty has been employed by Busch Gardens.  When I asked her what the highlight has been for her in creating cakes for Busch Gardens, Misty replied "it was the cake we made for World Lion Day." She went on to explain that all the animals have birthdays and she along with the zoologists and nutritionists help to create a cake on that special day.  For the lions in particular she made a cake shaped like a zebra using 25lbs of raw meat with mashed potatoes for the icing with black stripes.  This special cake was featured on ABC news.

When I asked Misty what is it about her career and special talent as a cake decorator that makes her so excited, she replied "it is an honor for me to be a part of the most special moments of people's lives and to be able to make them happy with my cakes."